Our priorities

The strong maritime cluster of Southwest Finland, Turku's ambitious work for climate mitigation and enhancing circular economy, as well as smart solutions in urban context and in businesses – these are the topics we are good at.

Our focus areas are

We are a Blue, Green and Smart City and Region.

On a horisontal level we also follow

  • urban and regional policies
  • research and innovation policy
  • transport policy – especially in the context of the One Hour Train.


The One Hour Train, a high-speed rail infrastructure project linking Turku and Helsinki, is an essential part of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean TEN-T Corridor. The railway line is not only one of the busiest railway connections in Finland; it is also strategic for the whole Finnish transport system, connecting the two large cities in Southern Finland. Increased capacity would allow more freight transportation, increase safety, reduce congestion as well as travel time and encourage people to use sustainable public transport. Currently the project has received 48,5 million euros CEF funding for the planning phase.

The One Hour Train projects consists of

  • new direct railway line from Espoo to Salo via Lohja
  • Salo-Turku double-track railway line
  • Turku rail yard area
  • Espoo regional railway line

Read more about the priorities of City of Turku and Regional Council of Southwest Finland:

Flagship projects of City of Turku

  • Competence
  • Culture
  • Communality, well-being and balanced development of residential areas (Communal Turku)

Smart specialisation focus areas in Southwest Finland

  • Blue economy and renewable industries
  • Innovative food chains
  • Life science and health technologies 

Turku Business Region - Clusters

  • MaritimeTurku
  • TechTurku
  • HealthTurku
  • CleanTurku
  • ExperienceTurku.

Key cooperation projects in our region:

  • Health Campus Turku is a significant multidisciplinary knowledge cluster within medicine, social and health care and technology offering unique opportunities for research, innovation and corporate collaboration. Health Campus Turku collaboration involves Hospital District of Southwest Finland, the four higher education institutions and Turku Business Region.
  • TechCampus Turku promotes technological education and research in the four higher education institutions of Turku and unites the resources of the higher education institutions to support the product development and innovation activities of the area.